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Our Story

We're located in Guymon, situated in the middle of Oklahoma's distinctive panhandle. We are fortunate to live in a rural area with a unique environment. We respect  wildlife and their environment. Our bird dogs are exposed to bobwhite and blue quail.

We've always been dog lovers, but we became proud owners of two English Pointers a few years into our marriage. We were hooked. We've since added to our crew and now want to help add to yours!


High-energy and eager to succeed, this breed is special. And—without a tail, what's the point?


Meet The Team

Little Point.JPG


Meet our male, Little. He's liver and white and lovable all over. He's our all-around hardest-working hunter.



This is Big. True to his moniker, he's good-sized. He's also a great hunter and loves finding quail.



Introducing Smoke, the young gun. He's high-octane, yet well-trained. Working with him in the field is a dream.



Meet June, the huntress. She believes she rules the roost, and her perfect nose proves that point.



Here's Daisy. She's high-energy and a motivated hunter. She's also a great backer with a good nose.

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